Security, Logistics, Privacy, Integrity

Executive Security Detail began as any business does: Filling a need, on a global level, to provide security and logistical assistance against threats, that in this day and age, are on the rise. Having already developed a solid and stellar reputation with high-profile and international clientele, I have flourished into a global solution that emphasizes what our front page states: Security, Logistics, Privacy, Integrity.

I have worked with a variety of specialists that come from a variety of backgrounds to ensure that standards are held in the highest regard and provide efficiency in carrying out all assignments. These backgrounds include Law Enforcement, Military and Contracted Counterintelligence / Threat Assessment. I have a reputation in maintaining vigilance to avoid any potential dangerous situation that may present itself.

The standards and level of professionalism that are engrained provide added value to the point that Executive Security Detail’s roster of clients include international dignitaries, assist security teams of Heads of State, globally recognized entertainment industry celebrities, executives from Fortune 500 companies and investment banking groups, etc.

Specific protocol and privacy are strictly adhered to for each client.

Duration of assignments vary from both long to short term.

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